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Hello Sultan Middle School Communities and Families,

We hope that you are all staying healthy and we want you all to know that we are here to support you during this difficult time. Below are some important announcements regarding learning for next week and beyond. It is important to recognize that basic needs come before all other needs; if students need food services please let us know HERE. Also, laptops and other tech support are available upon request.

“Live” Learning via ZOOM:
Beginning on April 27th - June 19th students will be “required” to engage in learning. Teachers will conduct at least two live Zoom lessons per week. The live lessons will begin to engage students in new learning and will occur on Monday afternoons and Wednesday mornings, see the schedule below.

Teachers will be offering online lessons through your student's Canvas account; please visit our website to learn how to access Canvas as a parent HERE.
• Each class will contain approximately 20 -25 minutes of instructional engagement. Please have your students take care of their personal needs between sessions.
• Homeroom may run for a shorter period of time and is meant to be an opportunity to connect your student with other students at school and with their homeroom teacher. Time spent in the homeroom class is a great way for students to set the tone for the day and engage in a critical part of school: interactions and relationships.
• For students receiving IEP Services: We will be working to make accommodations and modifications where possible.
• The schedule is as follows:

Monday classes will end around 2:25 pm Wednesday classes will end around 11:25 am


• Offline lessons will still be available and will be expanded to include specific classes (Honors, Pre-Algebra, Algebra etc.). Offline work can be collected on bus meal routes or dropped off at Sultan Middle School or Gold Bar Elementary School.

Teaching, Learning, Assessment, and Management

1. Zoom Classroom:
• All Zoom Meeting invitations will be posted in the Canvas Calendar.
• Expectations:
o Please review the attached SMS Expectations for student engagement.
o It is crucial that your student engages in a supportive and productive way. Due to the short amount of time for each class, we are asking that students avoid disruptions; students may be placed back in the waiting room if deemed necessary.

2. Assessment/Learning/Grades:
• We will not be issuing grades because we would be grading based on the privilege of access and opportunity. We will be assessing work and providing feedback to students.
• Quarter 4 began today. NOTE: Required learning starts on April 27th.
• We will be tracking student engagement, attendance, and participation in both online and offline options.
• Grades will not be posted in PowerSchool and both online and offline options will be tracked in Canvas.
• Feedback will be provided to students to inform and encourage learning and thinking.

3. Attendance:
• For Live ZOOM sessions we will be taking attendance in PowerSchool.

We ask that if you have any questions please reach out to us. We are all learning how to do this together and welcome feedback on how we can improve so that we can engage as many students as possible.

Click Here for Zoom Instructions

Direcciones de Zoom Para los Estudiantes

Click Here for Zoom Expectations

Expectativas para las sesiones en Zoom

Thank you, 

Nathan D. Plummer
Sultan Middle School

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