Posted on 12/06/2021
Use FlashAlert to be among the first to be notified about school delays or closures due to inclement weather or power outages.

We know that our Sky Valley weather can be unpredictable. Please review the information below so that you know what to expect when there is inclement weather or a power outage before or during the school day. 

2021-2022 Inclement Weather Instructions

We would like to remind you about the ways we communicate school closures due to weather or emergency events:

1) The most immediate way that we notify everyone about school delays and closures is through FlashAlert notifications sent to major media outlets (tv, radio, and the web).

2) You may also choose to receive notifications through the FlashAlert app. The app/email notifications occur at the same time that media outlets are notified when there is a delay or closure. For Android phones, the app can be downloaded at the Google Play Store or for iPhones, the app can be downloaded at the Apple iTunes App Store. Please keep in mind that your personal email provider may filter these emails to your junk and clutter folders.

In the event of a school delay or closure, we will make our best effort to send out robo calls, emails, or text messages in addition to posting notifications on social media. Please keep in mind that we may be unable to use robo-calling/emailing/text messaging if we lose power. One way that you can help us communicate with you is by making sure that we have your most current contact information on file.

For more information on weather or emergency delays or closures, or to see bus snow/flood/alternate routes, please visit us HERE

Please contact your student's school if you need to update your contact information. 

Sultan Middle School: 360-793-9851