My name is Emily Suter, I am the music teacher at Sultan Middle School! I am very excited to be working with band, choir, and ukulele this year. We have three bands currently at SMS, a sixth, seventh and eighth grade combined band for beginners, a seventh grade intermediate band, and an eighth grade advanced band. These classes help students work on skills to learn their instrument, become a team player, and represent SMS at concerts, festivals, and field trips that we take. Choir also contributes and represents SMS at concerts, festivals, and more, but in a different aspect of music. Instead of learning a physical instrument, students are learning how to use their voice to create music and showcase it to audience members. Ukulele class is exciting because everyone that is in that class is becoming a musician. They are learning how to read music, chords, and at the end of the year will create their own music and showcase it.

Treble Staff With Notes.pngOutside of teaching music, I love spending time with my family. We have big family gatherings to eat food, play games, and watch movies. I also love to hike and spend time outside.

My favorite part about teaching music is the ability to take large numbers of students and get them working together towards a single goal. If one student was not in sync with the other’s then that goal would be harder to reach. I love being able to work in a creative space where we are a team that supports each other in music and at SMS. I look forward to teaching here this year, and getting to know the students, staff, and parents.


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